Honle UV systems       

Honle and Panacol-USA, Inc.

UV system solutions for individual UV bonding applications

UV systems manufacturer Honle and adhesives company Panacol-USA are partnering to provide state of the art UV bonding solutions.

UV and UV-LED systems made in Germany by Honle are available for every application: UV pens and hand-held UV equipment for prototyping and laboratory work, as well as spot curing systems and high power LED curing arrays for high volume production lines. Honle curing systems are used worldwide in the manufacture of electronics, microelectronics, optics and medical devices, and in the automotive and aerospace industry. Applications include electronics and PCB assembly, encapsulation of electronic components, glob tops and conformal coatings to protect electronic SMDs or dies, lens and display bonding, curing of liquid uv gaskets and FIPGs, and bonding of glass or plastic housings of medical devices or luxury packagings.

UV systems by Honle are available with various wavelengths to adapt to the individual application. Both UV lamps with broad sprectra of light and LED curing equipment with a specific wavelength are provided to ensure fast and cost-effective curing of adhesives and coatings. LED output options include 365, 385, 395, 405, and 460 nanometer wavelengths.

The Honle uv spot systems are equipped with integrated controllers or with power supplies that can drive multiple LED heads to be programmed for sequential or independent actuation. Light footprint options range from 0.5 mm diameter spot units to linear arrays that can exceed one meter in length.

The combination of Honle equipment and perfectly matched UV/LED curable adhesives from Panacol-USA create highly efficient and reliable bonding processes. Application Engineers at Panacol-USA are available to assist with product selection and technical support for your complete UV bonding process.

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